EGF Arts & Crafts Council

Promoting fine arts in East Grand Forks MN

2021 Application

The East Grand Forks Arts & Crafts Council proudly announces the



DATE:      October 2nd & 3rd 2020                

 PLACE:    VFW Arena  AND  Civic Center

HOURS:     Saturday - 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. AND Sunday - 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


If you are interested in participating, please complete the enclosed application form and return by

March 15, 2021(first jury date). Applications will be accepted until the show is full.  Since this is a juried show, the entries will be selected and you will be notified by May 1, 2021 if your entry is accepted.   

All work must be original.  Commercially produced articles not allowed for resale.



  1. To enter, please complete and return the enclosed application form and Operator’s Certificate of Compliance form, if we don’t have one on             file  for you, along with registration fees and photo(s).  Please send only check or money order (no cash), and include a self addressed                  stamped envelope.
  2. Operator’s Certificate of Compliance From can be downloaded at our website
  3. Booth and building placement will be at the discretion of the Council, all efforts will be made to place or move booths so that like entries are          not close or in the same building.
  4. Refunds will not be given for cancellations after August 1, 2021.
  5. Booth(s) with electrical can not exceed 400 watts per booth-check your bulbs and wattages.
  6. NO pets are allowed in the buildings or on the show floor at any time. (Exception for service animals)
  7. Your application form acknowledges that the vendor has read, understands and will comply with all correspondence (written or verbal)                   provided by the EGF Arts & Crafts Council.


1.     Only pre-packaged and sealed food, meant to be taken out of the building before opening will be allowed.

2.     All food must be wrapped before being brought to the sale site.  No direct handling of food at the sale site is permitted.

3.     Offering of samples must be approved by council prior to show.  

4.     Sale of potentially hazardous foods is explicitly prohibited. See 

        Operational Guidelines on web site listed below.

5.     All foods must have an ingredient label plus name and address of vendor.

6.     A "Minnesota Retail Food Handlers?" license purchased from the MN Dept. of Agriculture is required in most cases.  You will need to call the

        number below or go to the website below to see if you are required to have a license.

         MN Dept. of Agriculture 651-201-6027

7.     Vendors with addresses outside of Minnesota can use their license from another state to help them get approval for the MN Retail Food

        Handlers license.

8.     All food vendors must provide a copy of their insurance policy covering food sales.

For further information, please call:  218-773-6525 or e-mail at:  [email protected]

48th Annual

East Grand Forks Arts and Crafts Fair

Application Form

Saturday, October 3, 2020  (10:00-5:00)

Sunday, October 4. 2020  (11:00-4:00)

Crafter Information:

  • I will be responsible for my own articles and will not hold the East Grand Forks Arts and Crofts Council. the VFW Arena. or the Civic Center responsible         for any damages or theft.
  • If for any reason, I hove to vacate my space before the show ends, the council will be notified. I will stay set up for the entirety of the show.
  • Booth and building placement will be at the discretion of the council, all efforts will be mode to place or move booths so like entries ore not close or        in the some building when possible.
  • This application form acknowledges that the vendor has read and understands the information enclosed.

Booth Request Information

Electricity limited to 400 watts per booth 

One chair per booth will be provided and more on request.

Special Requests: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________                                    The council will make every effort to meet your needs, however booth and building placement will be at the discretion of the council.

Make Sure You Have Included the Following:

  • Fully completed application form
  • Operator's Certificate and Compliance Form (if the council does not have it) Photos (We hove a new jury committee each year so photos need to be               sent or emailed 
  • Fee
  • Self addressed stamped envelope
  • MN Retail Food Handlers license and copy of insurance policy covering food soles if applicable

Total amount of check enclosed $__________      

Make check payable to EGF Arts and Crofts Council

Mail this application form to:

EGF Arts and Crofts Council      PO Box 622      East Grand Forks, MN 56721

Entries must be postmarked by March 15, 2021 for the first jury round, but applications are  accepted until space is full.